Your Guide to Buying an Essay

If you are thinking about buying an essay online to help you with your own work, then read this guide before you do, no matter which website or company you decide to use.

There are 3 simple rules to making sure you buy your essay from the right website:

  1.  See what the service offers you
  2. Check the website is legitimate
  3. Check the company is legitimate

If you make sure you do these three things following the instructions in the guide below then you should be able to find a good essay writing service and, perhaps more importantly, avoid the scams!

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Is the essay writing service right for you?

Before buying an essay from any website carefully check over their service.

  • What are they offering?
  • What guarantees do you get?
  • What’s included in the price?

A good essay service should give you a good overview of the service they are offering for example:

  • Is the essay written by a qualified individual?
  • Will the writer be a native English speaker/writer?
  • Are you going to get a full bibliography and references in the format you require?

As well as what the service actually entails you must check what their guarantees are, for example:

  • Is the essay scanned for plagiarism?
  • Is the essay guaranteed to be delivered on time?

You should also check to see if any extras are included in the price as they often are, for example:

  • Do you get a quality check before the essay is delivered to you?
  • Do you get a plagiarism report?
  • Is the bibliography included in the word count you order?

UK Essays are one of the few companies you can currently trust to buy an essay from online. They have many of the guarantees and service requirements outlined above…

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Check that the website is legitimate


You can quickly and easily check if an essay writing website is what it claims to be. Loads of these sites claim to be from the UK or USA, but are they? A simple way to check where they are is to see who owns the website and where the server that hosts it is located:

  1. Go  to – this service is free.
  2. Type in their domain name e.g. and click lookup.
  3. You can now see who owns that domain, are they in the UK?
  4. Click on the server stats tab, is the IP location (the location of the server the website is hosted on) in the UK?

This is by no means a totally fool proof way of checking who owns a website, but it is a start. One thing to keep in mind is if the website is hiding who owns it. Sometimes you will do the whois look up and there will be no details or some odd company registered. This generally means that the website is trying to hide who owns it and where it is, so ask your self why they might want to do that? Scam!

I’ve put a screenshot of the whois information for as an example. You can see who owns the website and that the registered owner is based in the UK…

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Check that the company is legitimate


All websites that are run from the UK are legally obliged to show their UK company registration number somewhere on their website. If a website or essay writing company cannot provide you with a legitimate company registration number to prove that they are a real company, then steer well clear of them!

You can check that a company’s registration number is genuine by using the free tool on companies house in the UK:

  1. Find the company’s registration number on their website (UK Essays number is 4964706).
  2. Go to the Companies House website here.
  3. Type in their company number and click search.
  4. You can now see their registered office address and when they last returned their accounts.

I’ve put a screen shot of the companies house entry for here as an example. UK Essays are totally legitimate…

Another good way to check if an essay company is the real deal is to see if they are a registered data controller. Any company in the UK that is dealing with people’s personal data should really have a data controller registration number. Ask the scam companies for that and watch them wriggle!

Once you’ve got the data controller registration number you can check online if it is real:

  1. Go to the ICO website here.
  2. Type in their Data Controller Registration number and click search register.
  3. You can now see the company that uses that registration number, is it the same as the company’s details elsewhere on their website?

Again, I’ve put a screenshot of the details for the data controller registration number as an example. Their number is Z1821391…

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Learn more about UK Essays…